Care Home Open Week 2021: Bringing the outside world in

2nd July 2021

This week we’re celebrating Care Home Open Week and although we can’t invite people into our care homes easily right now, we’ve been sharing stories highlighting what it’s like to live in care at Whiteley. 

For most of us the ability to pop to the shops to pick up a few items is a simple task we often take for granted, but something that can be much missed by those with limited mobility or independence. For residents living in our care, often family or friends bring in personal items and treats they need, or our care staff can help but Jess Sharp, Activities Coordinator for Ingram House, our residential care home, thought there was a way to make this mundane job a whole lot more fun!

Fortunately for us, Jess is super creative and came up with the brilliant idea of transforming an ordinary hostess tea trolley into a little mobile shop. Jess said: “I just went on to E-bay and picked up this hostess trolley and my partner Tom and I worked over the weekend to create some mdf panels to make it look a bit more interesting and fun.

“I wanted to use the trolley for afternoon tea events as well, and I asked Tom if he could design the panels so I could remove them easily. He suggested attaching some simple metal clips at the back which easily fit the panels onto the trolley – it was perfect! I then painted and decorated them, and we were ready to roll!

“The residents absolutely love their shop trolley. Every Monday I collect stock from our Whiteley Village shop and wheel it round Ingram House for residents to buy anything they want. The design means residents can see all the stock even from their beds, and it’s another step we’re making to try and bring the outside world into the home when it’s difficult for them to get out – especially with the pandemic.

“I regularly ask residents the sorts of things they need. Of course, chocolate, snacks and fruit are always popular, but I also pick up practical items like toothpaste, hand cream and tissues – and the odd can of gin and tonic mix always goes down well too!

“There’s benefits all round, as buying the items in our Village shop means it gets extra custom, and as its profits are all reinvested back into the work of our charity, that benefits all Whiteley Villagers, so it’s a win-win for everyone!”

If you would like to find out more about living at Ingram House or at Whiteley Village you can visit or speak to one of our friendly team on 01932 825841 or email us at:

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