Coming Home: Whiteley Community Choir charity single released

4th June 2022

We’re very proud and excited at the release of a new single today featuring the Whiteley Village Community Choir. The single, called Coming Home, also includes two other choirs of older people from Surrey, and was recorded by the charity Voices of Hope (who support the choirs).

The single has been released to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and to actively involve older people in Surrey in the celebrations. Voices of Hope were inspired by the amazing memories and moments shared by the choir members who have lived throughout the Queen’s 70 year reign, and the theme is about valuing family and belonging and the importance of friendship – especially during the most challenging times.

One of our residents Brian Fry (see above far left), was chosen to sing the solo introduction to the song, and although he’s never sung professionally, he’s no stranger to performing. “I really enjoy singing and have done it all my life,” he said. “I used to sing in pubs when I was young. If there was a special occaision – someone’s birthday for example, we’d have a good sing song and sometimes I sing up at the Clubhouse here in the Village too!

“My wife Wendy and I were really pleased when they set up a choir here. I love it. We all have a good laugh and it’s something to look forward to. When they decided to do the single, they asked us all for our memories of the Queen’s reign and it was really clever how they wove it all together to make the lyrics and then put music to it. It made it personal for us all  – really special.”

Coming Home is now available on Spotify or Apple Music, so please help us make it a success by downloading it and encouraging your freinds and families to do the same. Voices of Hope are also planning a music video for the single, and further details about that will be available soon.

See below some photos of our choir rehearsing and recording the Coming Home single.

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