Five New Almshouse Properties Available Now

13th May 2024

The Whiteley Homes Trust is delighted to announce the completion of five newly renovated almshouse properties in the former administration building in Whiteley Village.

The Grade II Listed administration building was designed by architect, Maurice Webb, and built as an addition to the original almshouse village in the 1930s. Used until 2019 to house the Board Room, Reception and some administrative functions of The Whiteley Homes Trust, this single storey building has been converted into five new one-bedroom almshouse apartments, now ready for occupancy.

Under agreement with the Carpenters’ Livery Company, The Whiteley Homes Trust offers this new accommodation to current residents of Godalming and the surrounding parishes of Farncombe, Hambledon, Compton, Puttenham and Dunsfold, in the first instance.

So how did this agreement come about?

Richard Wyatt was a seventeenth century liveryman and three times Master of The Carpenters’ Livery Company in 1604, 1605 and 1616. He made a provision in his Will, of 1619, for the building of some almshouses ‘for ten poor men of the parishes of Godalming’. These were established in 1622 and known as Wyatt’s Almshouses.

The almshouses were later converted into eight ‘flatlets’ for ‘men who may be accompanied by their wives’ and were owned and managed by the Carpenters’ Company.

Whilst Richard Wyatt partially endowed the almshouses, ongoing financial responsibility fell to the livery company and nearly one hundred years after they were established, it was decided they were not fit for purpose anymore, being rather too small.

Invitations are welcomed from older people with housing need, from Godalming and the surrounding parishes within Waverley Borough Council. The usual applicant criteria apply, with applicants from these geographical areas being given priority. You can find out more here.

All almshouses are within easy reach of the facilities, services and social opportunities that the Village has to offer and is home to a thriving community of older people living independently, according to the legacy of founder, William Whiteley.

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