The Whiteley Homes Trust – Never Alone Appeal 

For over a hundred years our charity The Whiteley Homes Trust has been supporting and caring for some of the most disadvantaged older people in Surrey, here at Whiteley Village.
The majority of our c.450 residents have very limited resources, and many have no family close by – or at all and so for some, we are all they have. On their behalf I am asking for your support at this time.

As we come out of a period of lockdown we will be looking to invest in our Community Services. Like many, our residents have been self-isolating for a long period of time and we want to ensure we support them with suitable activities and resources that will benefit and enhance their physical, mental and emotional health & wellbeing.
So please give whatever you can – it will not only help us continue supporting and protecting our residents and our staff now, but will also help protect the future of our Trust and the precious legacy of our Founder William Whiteley, who shared our belief that everyone, irrespective of means, deserves a safe and comfortable home.

Your donation could make a real difference to our community and so thank you in advance.

Rachel Hill, CEO
The Whiteley Homes Trust

“Helping at Whiteley began as a small way of thanking all of the wonderful people who are taking care of my mum who sadly lives too far away for me to currently visit. Since getting involved I have been overwhelmed by what an incredible and caring community this is. Everyone is working tirelessly to make life as safe and as normal as possible for all the people living at Whiteley and it is a huge privilege to be a small part of this process.”Davina, Village Store Volunteer




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