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There are many ways you can support our charity through donations and fundraising, and we would welcome a conversation about our campaigns.

Ageing Well at Whiteley

We believe everyone has the right to live well in a good home as they age, regardless of their financial means. Thanks to the £1 million bequeathed by our Founder William Whiteley in 1907, for over a hundred years we’ve been one of Surrey’s leading charities, tackling poverty amongst older people. For over a century, the Whiteley Homes Trust has been supporting older people with very limited resources, who cannot afford to buy or rent on the open market.

Our residents come to Whiteley Village from many walks of life – some seeking refuge from abuse, some seeking peace after years of fighting debt, and others needing a roof over their heads after a relationship breakdown, or struggling to make ends meet at the end of a working life on a low income. All will have already experienced homelessness or will be at risk of becoming homeless.

People do not need to be sleeping rough to be considered homeless.

Hidden homelessness can include ‘sofa surfing’, or staying with friends or family who can no longer accommodate them, or they could be struggling in unsafe or unsuitable accommodation.

What unites our charitable beneficiaries is that they are all older people of limited means, and at Whiteley Village we can offer them a comfortable home in a supportive and safe community.

How can you help?

We welcome sponsorship and donations to our Ageing Well at Whiteley Village fund, to support a range of community projects for which we do not receive funding, other than the generous support of donors, fundraisers and sponsors.

Help us enhance the lives of our resident beneficiaries, increasing the feeling of wellbeing within our community, making Whiteley Village a great place to age, and to age well.

Changing lives at Whiteley

A beneficiary’s story: Peter shared with us how he now finally feels safe at home after previously living next door to a drug addict and struggling with loneliness and anxiety at his council flat.

“I didn’t think for a minute I’d get a place – I was so relieved.” Peter said. “My neighbours are lovely – everyone has been very friendly and welcoming, and I feel so safe here as it’s very quiet and peaceful. My cottage is small, but I have everything I need around me, and absolutely love it. Moving to Whiteley was just the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s a little piece of heaven.”

A relative’s story: Jane told us how the memories of her aunt are entwined with memories of Whiteley Village, and how she was inspired to make a donation to The Whiteley Homes Trust.

“My aunt (Margaret) lived in Whiteley Village for many years and helped in the community. She moved into a lovely cottage initially and then when she became more frail she moved to Huntley House.  She (and we) spent so many happy years there and it really was the best thing she ever did moving to Whiteley Village!! Sadly, Margaret passed away a few years ago and we wanted to make a donation to your Trust to help others enjoy your wonderful village as much as she did.”

Your donation will make all the difference – and we thank you in advance for helping us to continue to support older people in need, now and in future years.

If you donate via JustGiving you can pay by card, Google Pay, Paypal or bank transfer. You can also decide whether to make a one off donation, or support us with an ongoing, regular payment.

Of course we are also delighted to accept donations in cash, by cheque or by direct bank transfer, so please contact us if you would like to make a donation in this way. We would be pleased to hear from you – just call on 01932 842360 or email

Priority Fundraising Campaigns

Ageing Well at Whiteley Village

The generosity of personal and corporate donors allows us to enhance the lives of our elderly residents with projects and activities that promote wellbeing and support ageing well in Whiteley Village.

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Whiteley Village Clubhouse Accessible Toilet

The Clubhouse has been an important part of Whiteley Village social life since it was formally opened by His Majesty King George V in 1921. Today we seek funds to build an accessible toilet to improve inclusivity for the wellbeing of all residents.

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Robert Ansted Memorial Fund for the Welfare of Whiteley Village Residents

The Robert Ansted Memorial Fund has been set up in memory of Robert Ansted (1951-2022), former Whiteley Village Community Church Minister, to provide means-tested financial relief to Whiteley Village almshouse residents in a crisis.

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How can you fundraise for us?

Each of our fundraising campaigns has been set up on, where you can give online, or fundraise through an activity.

If you can run, skip, hop or jump maybe you could fundraise for The Whiteley Homes Trust! Or maybe your skills lie more in baking and you might like to host a fundraising tea party, or use your musical talents to put on a fundraising concert. Whatever activity or challenge you choose to inspire sponsorship at your workplace, or within your friends and family group, could be an amazing fundraising opportunity to enhance the lives of the resident beneficiaries living at Whiteley Village.

Sometimes fundraising is more fun in groups, so if you, your organisation, workplace or club would like to raise funds for The Whiteley Homes Trust and the residents of Whiteley Village, you can set up your own bespoke fundraising page to share with everyone you know, and start raising funds direct to The Whiteley Homes Trust campaign of your choice.

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss your fundraising plans, or share your fundraising story, we would love to hear from you!

Contact our team on 01932 842360 or email

Other ways that you can support us

Easy Fundraiser

It's free and simple to use! Sign up to support our charity by giving as you buy, when you shop online with over 5000 retailers including Argos, Boots, M&S, John Lewis and more.

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Giving in Memory

A donation in memory of a loved one creates a lasting legacy, and is a wonderful way of remembering a loved one. while helping others.

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Legacy Gifts and Giving in Memory

Legacy Gifts. A legacy gift can be set up when you make your will or, at a late date, by adding a codicil. You should always seek advice from a solicitor to help you do this and to explore any tax saving advantages. Your will is personal to you and so there is no need to tell us of your pledge in advance if you do not wish to do so. However, if you are happy to share that information, we are always grateful for advance notification of your plans and pledge.

Giving in Memory. Donating to the work of our charity is a wonderful way of celebrating the life of a loved one. You will be helping protect the future of Whiteley Village and supporting our mission to help more older people in need. Many families of our former villagers have chosen to give in their memory, often in place of funeral flowers and most funeral companies are happy to collect the donations and pass them on to us on your behalf.

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