Glad to Care Awareness Week 2021: Jannine’s story

9th July 2021

We’re proud to support Glad to Care Awareness Week (5th-9th July) to show appreciation for the extraordinary contributions that carers make to the lives of those in care and the reassurance that gives their families and friends – especially in light of the incredibly challenging times during the pandemic. This week we’re shining a light on the careers and experiences of two of our care staff and why they enjoy working in care, and for our charity at Whiteley Village.

Jannine’s Story 

“This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever worked”, said Jannine “but it’s the residents that make Whiteley really special and I do look forward to coming to work to see them.” Jannine Rodda started working for our charity only eight months ago as a care assistant in our Care at Home team but has definitely decided this is somewhere she wants to stay!

“Before coming here I was working with young adults in a day centre, and although I enjoyed it, it wasn’t the same job satisfaction as caring for elderly people, so I was really pleased when I saw an opportunity at the Whiteley Homes Trust.”

The Trust offers a variety of accommodation for around 400 older people at Whiteley Village, depending on their needs; with over 260 almshouse cottages for those who are more independent, as well as two care homes and our extra care centre, Huntley House.

Jannine, who provides extra support to those living in our cottages as well as to residents in Huntley House said: “It’s a really varied job, I obviously provide personal care but also do housework and laundry for some villagers, depending on what they need.

“The team are great here, we all look after each other and the managers are very supportive too. I joined during the pandemic so that team spirit has been so important to help get everyone through such a stressful time.

“Unlike other places I’ve worked, it’s also hugely helpful that everything is on one site at Whiteley – it really reduces the stress of the job. Previously you’d be worrying about the traffic and getting delayed, but here the only thing you might get held up on the road for is waiting for our family of geese to cross the road!

“Everyone loves the little ‘golf’ buggies too which we all use to do our calls around the village. I really enjoy getting out and about and the wildlife is amazing – with deer and rabbits and geese on the lake. It’s an incredibly special place and I absolutely love it!” she said.

If you, or a family member would like to find out more about the range of housing and care options at Whiteley Village, both for those of limited means and those able to self-fund, we’d love to hear from you. Further information is available on our website, or speak to one of our friendly team on 01932 825841 or email us at:

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