Glad to Care Week 2022: Thankful Thursday – Megan’s Story

23rd June 2022

This week we’re marking Glad to Care Week  which provides an opportunity for care providers like us to celebrate the importance and value of social care. Today is Thankful Thursday and we’ve been hearing from some of our residents about why they are thankful to be cared for by our charity here at Whiteley Village.

People come to live in our care homes for a variety of reasons, and some, like Megan Lord who is 98 later this year, are in good health but just want some extra support.

Megan has lived in Ingram House our residential care home for eight years, and says it just made her feel safer. “I didn’t live in a dangerous place before” she said, “but you always have to remember to lock up before you go to bed and when you’re on your own, naturally you feel a bit more vulnerable.”

After losing her husband some years ago, Megan lived independently for many years but following an accident, felt it was the right moment to move into residential care.

“I feel more comfortable being here as I have someone around if needed 24/7, so it’s reassuring. The care is particularly good and all the staff – the care and catering teams are kind and friendly.

“I have made good friends here too. One, who sadly had to move away, was fun and really helped me settle in when I first came. Her room was one side of the home and mine was on the other, and the staff were amused as we met most days at 6pm for a glass of sherry!

“Ingram House is a friendly place, and we have lots of varied activities. We had a visit from some college students the other day who gave us an outdoor concert which was very good, but I particularly enjoy reading and going out for walks.”

Our historic charity provides almshouse accommodation for hundreds of older people at Whiteley Village, so unlike most care providers, our care homes are set within a community which has over 200 acres of green spaces, woodlands, and a lake that all our residents can enjoy. A very active traveller to some exotic places in her younger years, Megan still enjoys getting out and about to see friends who live locally.

“I especially love walking to the lake and watching the wildlife in the village. I do take my stick and let the staff know where I’m going, and I always take a name badge with me too. Whiteley is very beautiful and I’m so grateful I’m still able to walk out and enjoy it”, said Megan.

Meet Phyllis, Nancy and another Phyllis who are residents in our Eliza Palmer Care Hub, sharing why they are thankful in our Glad to Care Thankful Thursday gallery below!

We’re #Glad to Care and it’s wonderful to hear how our charity is making a difference to people’s lives, like Phyllis, Nancy, Phyllis and Megan’s. You can find out more about living in care at Whiteley Village here:

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