In Touch – December

1st December 2022

One of the most special and important aspects of Whiteley Village is our extensive grounds – with over 200 acres of woodlands and green spaces which are cherished by residents and staff alike. So, our charity was delighted to partner with Dr Ciara O’Brien from Surrey University (see photo) this year in some joint research exploring the impact of nature conservation on older people’s health and wellbeing. In this edition of In Touch we feature the exciting outcomes from the project that involved 40 of our residents and which has become one of the most successful and impactful pieces of research we’ve taken part in, with potentially lasting implications for the design of similar communities elsewhere  – and for our future development at Whiteley Village too. In a fitting link to this article, we also feature the work of our estates team and the investment they have been making throughout this year in its upkeep and conservation and you can read more about these stories and other news from our charity here.

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