Peter’s Story

1st February 2022

Once a successful businessman, Peter was the victim of fraud, and he and his wife ended up losing everything. After living for many years together in a council flat, Peter’s wife sadly died. He then became neighbour to a drug addict and so feeling lonely and increasingly anxious, his family encouraged him to apply to our charity for help in finding him a home where he could finally feel safe.


Recalling the final years he spent in his council flat, Peter said: “This young chap had visitors – dealers and the like, banging on his door at all hours of the night, which often woke me up,” said Peter. “He was an alcoholic too and some mornings I’d go out shopping and find people passed out in the hallway and I’d have to step over them with my shopping bags to get back into my flat. It was awful.”

It was also a far cry from his previous life, when after a varied career, Peter set up his own haulage company and was able to buy his dream home with wife Yvonne – a beautiful 300 year old cottage in Devon. But Peter and Yvonne’s dream later turned to a nightmare after he was the victim of fraud. Forced into bankruptcy, he lost his business and then his home. He and Yvonne decided to move back to Surrey where they had family and managed to get a council flat.

“I didn’t think for a minute I’d get a place – I was so relieved.”

A few years ago however, Peter lost Yvonne and although family were nearby, he felt increasingly lonely. With all the problems from his neighbour too, his granddaughter encouraged him to apply to live at Whiteley Village. “I didn’t think for a minute I’d get a place – I was so relieved”, Peter said.

“There’s lots of clubs to join and other activities and so I play a bit of snooker and I joined the bowls club. They are a nice crowd, and we play outdoors and indoors, and sometimes other clubs come along for a competition which is good fun. I do crocheting and I also enjoy a bit of carpentry and I’m looking forward to doing more of that now things are reopening again.”

Peter’s daughter bought him a little cockatiel to keep him company after he lost Yvonne, which he called ‘Mogsey’ – after his wife’s nickname. She flies freely around his cottage as he hated the thought of putting her in a cage, and can often be found sitting happily on his shoulder.

“Moving to Whiteley was just the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s a little piece of heaven.”

“My daughter thought Mogsey would help me after I lost my wife. Sadly a few months later I then lost my daughter and my great-grandaughter – and last year my brother. It’s been a very difficult few years, but things are so much better now.

“My neighbours are lovely – everyone has been very friendly and welcoming, and I feel so safe here as it’s very quiet and peaceful. My cottage is small, but I have everything I need around me, and absolutely love it. Moving to Whiteley was just the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s a little piece of heaven.”

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