Whiteley on TV!

17th May 2022

We’re very excited about being on TV this week, as our Village Hall was the venue for an episode of Nick Knowles’ Big House Clearout. The programme will be airing on Channel 5 on Thursday, 19th May, at 8.00pm. Filming took place over four days during March but generated an amazing £6,600 for our charity. In fact the producers liked our Hall so much that they used it for the whole series’ publicity shot, as you can see from the image with this story!

So far this year we have secured (and are due) over £15,000 in income from filming opportunities including TV, movies, pop videos and commercials for a wide range of companies including the BBC, Netflix, Channel 5 and Capital One. In addition to our legacy donations, filming has now become one of our primary sources of fundraising. For a small organisation like ours, it’s especially valuable because it’s lucrative but requires relatively light support from our staff, in contrast to some of the fundraising events we’ve organised which can take months to organise and require large numbers of staff and volunteers to help.

Marketing and Sales Manager, Claire Atkins said: “Filming as an income has really taken off over the last year, but it can take time to grow. I was able to use some of the contacts I had from a previous job initially, but we’re also listed with various agencies such as the Surrey Film Agency. Organising these shoots takes detailed negotiation and I’m always acutely aware that we are filming in a community, sometimes outside someone’s home.

“Our residents privacy comes first so I am careful to ensure filming is not intrusive or too disruptive for road users for example, and we always get permission if it’s close to, or outside someone’s cottage. It’s because of this that I often have to decline some very lucrative opportunities. For example we recently had to turn down the offer of a long-term filming contract with BBC’s Call the Midwife which would have raised almost £50,000 for our charity. Filming was due to take place in and around the Village Hall, but after almost two years of discussions we reluctantly concluded it would have too much impact on this area of the Village.

“I carefully negotiate what crews can and can’t do but they do sometimes push the boundaries so they need careful handling. But our reputation is growing so hopefully the enquiries will keep coming!”

More information about filming opportunities at Whiteley Village can be found here or you can call us on 01932 842360.

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